• 1 medium onion, peeled
  • 4 massive russet or American state potatoes (about three 1/2 pounds), peeled
  • 2 massive eggs
  • 2 tablespoons general flour
  • 6 tablespoons edible fat
  • 6 tablespoons tasteless butter
  • Applesauce and/or soured cream, for serving


Preheat kitchen appliance to 200°F. Place two slippery baking sheets in kitchen appliance.

Using box kitchen utensil or kitchen appliance fitted with grating disc, coarsely grate onion and place in cullender set in sink. Coarsely grate potatoes, boost cullender, and put aside to empty.

In massive bowl, gently beat eggs, then whisk in flour.
Press potatoes and onion to extract the maximum amount liquid as potential, then boost egg/flour mixture. Season with salt and some black pepper. victimisation picket spoon or hands, mix well, however don’t overwork.

In heavy-bottomed, 12-inch frypan over moderately high heat, heat one tablespoon oil and one tablespoon howeverter till hot but not smoking. Drop four scant 1/4-cup parts of potato mixture into pan and flatten with spatula to make four 3-inch pancakes.

Fry till bottoms ar golden-brown, four to five minutes, then flip over and fry till golden-brown and crisp, a further four to five minutes. Transfer to paper towels to drain; season instantly with salt and pepper. Keep heat on baking sheets in kitchen appliance whereas creating remaining pancakes.

Using paper towels, rigorously wipe out pan. Add one tablespoon oil and one tablespoon butter and fry four a lot of pancakes. Repeat with remaining batter, wiping out pan and adding one tablespoon oil and one tablespoon butter before every batch.

Serve pancakes hot with applesauce and/or soured cream.

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